Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Our crazy silly story

Today we created a silly story together. The whole class was involved and each made up their own sentence. What was produced is a silly and imaginative story.

I went to the zoo. But it was no ordinary zoo. It was a silly zoo.

Once upon a time there was a man riding a fat chicken. I saw a cat wearing pants. I saw a dog wearing underwear.  I saw a cat dancing like a disco man. I saw a pig with wings. I saw a butterfly with rainbow hair. There was a elephant wearing underwear. I saw a fat cat. I saw a cat having a party after he got married. I saw my dad in the hallway and he had had a drink and vomited. I saw a cat flying with boots. I saw a cat dancing. My cat was named underpants wonderpants. I saw heaps of dogs having a party on a police car. I saw ants driving the police car. I saw two little fat cats running around with a dog who crashed into an old lady. I saw a fat cat who got married. I saw a dog on a slide. I saw the bat riding a car who feel asleep and crashed it.

It was a crazy day at the zoo.  

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